Summary Care Record – Statement of Intent

It is important that your medical record is available when and where you need it. You may feel, especially if you have an extensive medical history, that it is important for some of your medical information to be available if, for example, you were on holiday away from the practice area and taken ill. Having your Summary Care Record (SCR) available will help anyone treating you without your full medical record. They will have access to information about any medication you may be taking and any drugs that you have a recorded allergy or sensitivity to. The system in use at Belmont Medical Centre means that your SCR is automatically updated, on at least a daily basis, to ensure that your information is as up to date as it can be. Of course, if you do not want your medical records available in this way, please contact us so that we can update your record to this effect. We will add a code that excludes your records being shared via SCR.